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Some useful digital terms expalined

Analogue - Historical mode of transmission, uses standard wave to transmit tv services
Broadcasters - The people who transmit TV programmes
Common Interface (CI) - Connection on a television or a set-top box which can be used to connect to any other device using the same open standard.
Communal System - Where a signal is distributed through a building (e.g. a block of flats) using a wiring system, sharing the same signal source.
Decoder - The tuner in a digital set D-CAB Digital Cable D-SAT Digital Satellite DSL (xDSL)

DTG - Digital Television Group - has over 100 members. The DTG was formed in 1995 to set technical standards for the implementation of digital terrestrial television (DTT) in the UK and now encompasses all Digital TV platforms and convergence issues on a world-wide basis
DTT - Digital Terrestrial Television DTV - Digital Television
 DVB - Digital Video Broadcasting, a European standard for digital television technology
DVD - Digital Versatile Disk - digital storage device commonly used for film/video
DVD-R (DVD-RW) - Recordable DVD, another digital recording device - uses DVD format.
Encryption - Method of encoding data/broadcasts so that they can only be viewed with the correct Conditional Access codes.
HDTV - High Definition Television, a new technology that enables viewers to get higher definition television pictures. HDTV has four times as many pixels (dots on the screen) as standard TV broadcasts, meaning a clearer picture and stunning detail on large-screen TVs. An HD-ready TV is not necessarily a digital TV.
IdTV - Integrated Digital Television - a television with a built-in digital tuner.
IdVCR - Integrated Digital VCR - a video recorder with a built-in digital tuner.
IRS - Integrated Receiver System - A shared reception system, common to flats and hotels, that enables delivery of television and radio services around the same distribution system, from a single wall plug
Interactive - Services that enable the viewer to interact with the television programme
ITC - Independent Television Commission (Ofcom took over responsibility of the ITC in Jan 2004)
MATV - Master Antennae TV - a communal aerial system that uses a master aerial to receive the signal before it is distributed.
PDR - Personal Digital Recorder
PVR - Personal Video Recorder
PSB - Public Service Broadcasters: these include BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, S4C and Teletext
SCART - A type of connection and cabling used to carry video signals, usually found on the back of TVs and videos.
STB - Set Top Box, occasionally referred to as an adaptor.
Switchover (Digital Switchover) - The process of migrating television equipment from analogue reception to digital reception, in preparation for the switching off of the analogue signal.
Terrestrial - "Earthly" - as opposed to satellite. Television services that can be received through a standard aerial.
VCR - Video Cassette Recorder
VOD -Video on Demand

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